How To Set Up TotalVPN On Your Router

TotalVPN is currently working with FlashRouter to provide pre-configured custom routers. These are established to give users VPN access for a safer and more high-end network encryption. By this feature’s presence, we can admit that TotalVPN is such a talented new player in the business. By protecting your data security and privacy with this tool, you should worry nothing else related to data hacking or stealing.

Simply visit TotalVPN’ official site to look up their VPN router selections. They are pretty good at offering great collections of VPN routers. Yet, there is one vital thing you get to do before enjoying the comfort equipped with the router; setting up your TotalVPN on the router itself. Here’s how to setup TotalVPN on your router.

Setup Guide

One of TotalVPN’s upsides is that they are able to provide their users with elaborate guidelines about setting up basic functions. This one is among the available information. If you wish to integrate your VPN with FlashRouters, then you must firstly access to DD-WRT router’s settings control panel.

After logging into your TotalVPN account and have your server address and OpenVPN certificate, go to ‘Services’ menu and continue by clicking on the ‘VPN’ tab. So far so good right? When you reach the ‘OpenVPN Server/Daemon’ settings box, make sure that you set the ‘OpenVPN’ to ‘Enable’ and ‘Start Type’ to ‘WAN Up’.

In the ‘OpenVPN Client’ settings box, you get to switch these features to: ‘Start OpenVPN Client’ to ‘Enable’; input server address to ‘Server IP/Name’; ‘Port’ to ‘1194’; ‘Tunnel Device’ to ‘TUN’; ‘Tunnel Protocol’ to ‘UDP’; ‘Encryption Cipher’ to ‘AES-256-CBC’; ‘Hash Algorithm’ to ‘SHA1’; ‘User Pass Authentication’ to ‘Enable’; ‘Advanced Options’ to ‘Enable’; ‘LZO Compression’ to ‘Disabled’; ‘NAT’ to ‘Enable’ and Firewall Protection to ‘Enable’.

Not yet enough with all of those mentioned details, make sure that you input persist-key and persist-tun to ‘Additional Config’ textbox and also particular content you can copy from TotalVPN’s site to be inserted in the CA Cart area.
Finish the procedure by clicking on the ‘Apply Settings; and get your VPN connection verified. Check your IP whether or not it has matched with the country you choose. And your TotalVPN is ready to be used with the router.